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Engaged Leadership

Engaged Leaders are Visible

Engaged Leaders are Visible

Let’s say leadership is the ability to influence people to achieve predetermined goals.  If we measure a leader’s ability or capacity to lead like we measure fuel, then an engaged leader would have a tank that measured somewhere above two-thirds full. Engaged leaders are involved and provide the greatest opportunity for success through achieving the goals of the organization.

One clarification that might be needed is the difference between ‘a leader’ and ‘the leader.’ ‘A leader’ is associated with action and change.  This is the person that emerges with a vision, energy and supportive action.  ‘The leader’ is a position, someone that may have been elected, appointed or just waited for his or her turn. ‘The leader’ does not automatically come with an abundant capacity to lead while ‘a leader’ does by definition.

To achieve optimum effectiveness leadership should articulate a clear vision and direction.  Engaged leaders demonstrate the ability to communicate this vision to the various learning styles of the people who are expected to contribute towards reaching this vision. People desire to know how the world will be different for those who follow. They need to be sold on a vision that excites them.  Engaged leaders take every opportunity to paint a better tomorrow, not just for some but for all.

As the vision takes form, people should be motivated.  Clear action has to be communicated to those who are expected to partake in the formation of this new reality.  If behavior changes are required, engaged leaders demonstrate what is needed. Engaged leaders energize us and excite us about making our contribution to this shared vision. Engaged leaders show us how to make the changes required to reach the vision.  Engaged leaders also have foresight and understand balance.  Engaged leaders demonstrate sensitivity to our daily needs by understanding the challenges associated with change, yet they are driven enough to not sacrifice a better tomorrow.

Engaged leaders know how to get involved, demonstrating their personal belief and commitment to the vision.  This is where many otherwise good leaders forfeit their chance to acheive a legacy of greatness.  Great leaders know that while most of us are absorbed with running engine rooms, their responsibilities include proper navigation of the ship and assisting with the intense effort required to keep the ship operational.  Engaged leaders establish trust and demonstrate integrity by removing barriers encountered by the crew.  When leaders share our values we stay motivated and make the necessary contribution towards this new vision. Leadership that embodies clear vision, motivating energy and personal commitment is engaged and has the best opportunity of success.

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  2. This deal was reached from the assistance of Scot Beckenbaugh associated with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, a veteran among the 2004 05 NHL talks, then Major League Soccer’s negotiations in 2010 and NFL and NBA talks the following year. Beckenbaugh spent Friday walking back and forth between the league’s office along with hotel where players were staying, meeting with each side to set up one more talks. Fans throughout North America will maintain the opportunity to return to somewhat of a favorite past time and thousands of working men and women and small businesses will no longer be deprived of their livelihoods, said George Cohen, the FMCS director.

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