From the Eye of the Storm

Mediating Decisions, Facilitating Solutions, Sustaining Prosperity

Who is Steven Alston?

The current title that I use is Life Enthusiast and I am a student of The Self Awareness Institute. My interests revolve around universal needs and areas of agreement. In my view there is little to be gained from unresolved conflict. On the contrary, prosperity for all of us is just one decision away. My past work as a mediator and solutions guide connected me with various problem-solving experiences during the past 25 years. My service in ‘removing obstacles’ was my attempt to foster growth and new insight for myself and possibly others. I have deep faith that people are capable of healing themselves, resolving their problems and creating an outcome that meets our common needs.

My desire to help people in discord led me to work assignments in Canada, England, Germany, India and the United States. Through those experiences I deepened my appreciation for collaborative efforts throughout the world.

I started Split Screen Consulting in 2003 to support the successful implementation of strategic projects. Split Screen Consulting operated under the guiding value of harmony and it’s purpose was to promote prosperous relationships. In 2012, after many experiences and opportunities that I will be forever grateful for, my wife and I made the decision to start the next chapter.

I honed my professional skills throughout 17 years of participation in telecommunication projects. I graduated from the school of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at NC State University. I am certified by the Mediation Training Institute International and The Project Management Institute (PMP). I am also a co-owner and practitioner of the Genuine Contact Program. I am a former volunteer for The Alliance of AIDS Services * Carolina (former board member) and for the Wake County Guardian ad Litem program. I enjoy walks, travel, books, music, aerobic kickboxing, golf, exotic foods and quality beers.

My wife, Jean, and I now live in the area Gulf Coast of Florida.

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