From the Eye of the Storm

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Tremendous Opportunities From the Eye of the Storm

A Look from the Center

A Look from the Center

Welcome and thanks for visiting. So, what is special about the eye of the storm? At the center of a fierce storm, there is a small area where the weather is calm, the sky is clear, and the winds are just light breezes. This area is called the eye of the storm. It is from this vantage point that I choose to exist. It is the place from which I evaluate my own existence and make decisions on how to enhance my human experience. It is the place from which I make my offerings to the world. It is the place where I receive the greatest of gifts. I would like to share my experience from the eye of the storm with you. In the eye of the storm, you may find answers to your questions, identify solutions to your problems and reach decisions that lead to a more rewarding experience. For further information, please contact me at 919-889-2340 or via Email

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